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IM PISSED....I scheduled my time for some major work to be done and I heard him tell the Nurse Prob his wife up front tell him to reschedule, I dont have time today.I told her I will find some one else.

There are plenty of Dentists looking for customers today, i went to the lady right across the street. Best move I ever made. That guy is a loser. Im telling all my LOWES co-workers That is crazy.

I seen him leave in his fancy car and go to the coffee house.

Never use this guy.Dr Greg Monte McCourt Mooresville, NC


Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #1263050

His license was suspended due to drug and alcohol abuse. Google it. It is a public record.


I saw this guy years ago, and would never get near him again.He completely misdiagnosed my issue, and then screamed and yelled at me in his office, in front of staff, all but threatening me.

As far as modest lifestyle, being a member of The Point isn't a modest lifestyle.

And his alcohol and drug and professional issues have cause him to lose his house.Look it up, the house is in short sale, which is an option the mortgage company can allow when they are moving forward with foreclosure proceedings.


I've been going to Dr.McCourt for the last 6 years and he is the best.

Most everyone has struggled with vices from time to time. To the one poster from Lowe's "He does NOT drive a big fancy car".

He lives in a modest house adn lives a modest life style.I've been to his house.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #664186

Have been a patient of Dr.McCourt's for several years.

He and his staff have always been very professional, courteous and GENTLE.Many of my friends are patients of his and speak highly of him.


I Googled his name and seen his discipline action from the board, sounds like a drinker and drug user. My kids will not go to this guy.

to Will Not Use Him Either Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #612503

He is a very good dentist, Everyone has something in the closet im sure.Teachers, Dr's and Officials are publicly broadcast.

Give him a chance. The Best Dentist In the Carolinas and Best staff.

They have been here for 20 yrs.They will work with you if you dont have insurance and they also carry most insurance providers.

to Will Not Use Him Either Troutman, North Carolina, United States #612504

:) Dont know what that lady is talking about on that comment. I had an emergency and he went out of his way to open his practice and fix my tooth and then follow up with more treatment the next business day. Keep up the great work Dr McCourt.

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